Travel Workshops, Vacation Photography and Camera lessons

Have you ever come back from vacation with that "special" bottle of wine only to find out the magic somehow didn't make the trip home? While we can't promise you a better palate, we can make sure the same thing doesn't happen to your travel photos.

We offer private and group photography workshops internationally, in the United States and locally in Vail Colorado. Our workshops teach you to fast track your skills- instead of burning precious vacation time trying to capture that perfect memory, you will be able to take a simpler approach, get the shot, and move on to the next experience of your trip. We'll teach you how to connect with subjects that don't speak your language, practical approaches to shooting scenery and architecture, lighting techniques, how variety in your photography builds a stronger final story, and how to take advantage of the features of your camera for optimal results and convenience. We can help you with equipment choices so you only carry what you will actually use.

Sound like a bigger commitment than you're willing to take on? Make it easy on yourself and hire us to shadow you on your trip. We will capture unique and breathtaking images that you will be able to share with family and friends and that will create the perfect keepsake. Our passports are current and we love to travel, let's discuss the perfect options for you.

Contact us for more information on workshops and professional trip photography and cinematography services!