What does a photojournalistic approach entail? Are all the photographs candid?

A photojournalistic style involves the photographer telling a story from beginning to end. The photographs are descriptive, unobtrusive, natural, spontaneous, fun and full of life. Although we do a fair amount of candid photographs, we also include the more traditional aspects of the wedding, such as family, bridal party and bride and groom posed portraits.

How long does it take to do family portraits at the wedding? I don’t want to miss my party.

We are very efficient taking family portraits. We realize that you do not want to be away from your guests so we make it as seamless as possible. We will assist you with your timeline and give you instructions of how to streamline this process.

My fiancé is nervous in front of the camera?

There are a few techniques that we can use to help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. We are non-intimidating photographers and make sure that you are having fun and feeling relaxed during the portrait session.

Do you shoot black and white? Will you be editing the photographs?

Yes, the photographers who photograph the wedding will be editing and cropping the photographs, as well as making adjustments to correct color and contrast. We will provide a mixture of black and white, sepia and other artistic effects we feel best suit the photograph.

Do you mind if guests also shoot photographs at the wedding?

We don’t mind if some guests take photographs. Although, on occasion, some guests have stood in front of our cameras at the wrong time and have prevented us from photographing key moments of the wedding. Please have your guests limit their photography during the ceremony.

Whose photographs are one your website?

Toni Axelrod’s photographs are on the website.

How many photos come in each package?

The photograph number depends on the number of guests, locations and hours that we are at your wedding. An average number for an 8-hour, 150+ guest wedding is 600-750.

How long after the event will the proofs be ready?

Te generally will have your photographs online in 5-6 weeks. You will receive your disk after you approve your website.

What type and how much assistance does Toni Axelrod Studios provide in planning your album?

Toni Axelrod Studios designs your wedding album and works with you to create the layout that bests fits your style. Don’t worry if you do not live nearby- we can work together using online album proofing software.

What is the quality of the images we will receive and can we print the photographs from the disk?

If the high resolution images are included in your package then you will receive high resolution JPGs that you can print or take to a professional print lab. The photographs will also be hosted on an online with a professional lab.

What about deposits and payments?

To book and reserve your date, a deposit of 50% of the total is due. The remainder 50% is due 14 days before your event date. Please see our service agreement for additional information.

I noticed that many photography businesses do not have insurance policies. Since my venue will not allow for uninsured vendors, I wanted to know if you are insured?

Yes. We are fully insured by The Hiscox Insurance. Your venue can contact us for a copy of our certificate.

Do you bring back-up equipment and what is the quality of our cameras/lenses?

We feel that having back-up equipment is extremely important to making sure your day runs smoothly and professionally. Many businesses try to cut costs by only having their photographer bring one camera/lens and a flash. We have one back up lens to every one we carry, 6 additional flash heads, 4 cameras, extra media cards and lighting equipment. So we have you covered! Also, we do not cut corners with the quality of our equipment. We carry Canon L series professional lenses and top of the line Canon 5D Mark IV camera bodies.

Why should I hire a local photographer when I can get a less expensive photographer in Denver?

Shooting in the mountains offers its unique challenges with harsher lighting and variable weather conditions. Local photographers will know all the best locations, where to shoot if the weather changes and are familiar with all of the venues in the area. Too often I get calls from out of town photographers who need a local person to show them where to take photographs. These same photographers told their clients that they shoot in Vail and Beaver Creek all the time. Be aware, if you are looking to hire an out of town photographer that Vail Pass closes often in the winter and occasionally in the summer with no warning. We have received calls from panicked brides looking for a photographer at the last minute since their photographer was unable to make it over the pass.

An additional perk of hiring a local photographer is that there are no travel fees within Eagle County! 

Please contact us with any additional questions.